The New Rain Garden 2012

The new rain garden – May 6


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The new rain garden, viewed from the edge of the old rain garden (the small and large garages on the right) – May 6

Grasses and ferns in the new rain garden – May 6












We knew when we planted the original rain garden last year that it was not large enough to completely handle the church’s rainwater run-off problem. The garden was basically an experiment to see if the concept worked, and to our delight, the garden did a good job handling the run-off from the parking lot.


The central section of the new rain garden – May 6

The end of the new rain garden beside the two-story garage (closest to the church). In the front of the photo, fill dirt has been added to raise ground level – May 6











Run-off from the parking lot, however, is not the only water problem the church has. Rainwater also ponds along the side of the building and runs into the low-lying area between the parking lot and the two-story garage. After a big rainstorm, puddles remain for days. So in early spring, the Earthcare Ministry made plans for a second rain garden in this area.


A view of the section of the new rain garden between the parking lot and the perennial garden behind the smaller garage – May 6

The new rain garden, old rain garden, and the strip of grass left between the two. The decorative rocks were unearthed while digging the garden – May 6









On May 5, 2012, members of the church and friends dug and planted the new rain garden under the direction of Jim Leedom. Unlike the original garden, this one is long and narrow and more densely planted (since some of the plants in the original garden had died during the winter). During the next week, more plants were added and a couple low areas were raised by by adding fill dirt. These areas and the slope from the parking lot were then planted with grass seed and covered with protective straw.


One of the low spots (on the far side of the old rain garden) that we filled with dirt – May 6

The new rain garden, showing the grass-seed-planted slope from the parking lot covered with straw – May 10











And we waited for rain. We waited nine days before an evening thunderstorm dropped a half inch of rain in a short time. The next morning, the mulch in the new rain garden was dark with dampness, but there were no puddles — and the old rain garden was dry.


Newly planted iris plants already blooming – May 15

The new rain garden (behind the small garage and no-longer-used outhouse), damp from the previous evening’s rain – May 15





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