The Rain Garden — Two-Month Update

The rain garden, July 18

The rain garden, July 18

Flowers in the rain garden starting to bloom, July 18







On May 15, 2011, a group of volunteers dug and planted a rain garden at Jacksonville Presbyterian Church, Bordentown, NJ. [See the earlier photos in my Rain Garden post from June 25.] The photos above show the one-month-old garden. The plants have grown and the wildflowers are already attracting wildlife, especially butterflies.

The rain garden at six weeks, July 30

Flower blooming, July 30

Another view, July 30







The wildflowers are also attracting hummingbirds, but because they flit around so quickly and I only have a 10x zoom, I haven’t caught any hummingbirds in photos.

The rain garden at two months, August 10

Rain garden flowers, August 10

Another view, August 10






More important, although the plants have not yet reached full size, the garden is already helping with the church’s rainwater run-off problem. More than three inches of rain fell on August 14, and the garden collected the water, just like it’s supposed to!

The rain garden in the rain, August 14

A closer view, August 14

Another view, August 14


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